40+ years of processing wild game/livestock
20+ years of poultry/waterfowl/exotic experience of breeding, raising, and shipping eggs/chicks
Our farm is NPIP and I am also a certified poultry tester in Arkansas.
 20+ years of raising and showing rabbits. We raised, bred and showed Tans, Brits, Dutch, and Netherland Dwarfs Rabbits
We also raise/breed dairy goats along with showing them and familiar with Famacha scoring.
We offer Livestock consulting and facilitate the buying and selling of your stock. If we don’t have something, then we have the professional contacts to reach out too.


Tattoo, Clip Nails, Cage Tags, Signs, Breed Shirts, Dental Assessments, Dietary/Fitness Program, Weight


Tattoo, Trim Hooves, AI, Draw Blood, Band, Dehorn, Give Injections, Breed Shirts, Signs, FAMACHA, Ultrasound, Tip Horns, Disbud, Copper

 Advertising, Website building, Social Media, Organizing Barn with Records etc, Photography, Signs, Shirts, Decals, livestock consulting, facilitate buying and selling of livestock, etc
Our goal is to help those that need it and help educate others on how to properly care for their livestock.
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We travel all over Arkansas, trimming goat and sheep hooves. Along with offering other services –
Ultrasounds, Banding, Shots, Blood Pull, Horn tipping, etc. Just ask!!
Please note that we are experienced but are NOT vets.

Custom welding – repairs, new builds, etc —

Also hay racks for cows/horses, goats, covered racks etc. —

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