Tans are a wonderful multi-use rabbit. The
visual appeal and engaging personality of a
Tan means that they demand attention at
shows. They are very easy to care for. They
take up minimal space and eat little food.  
They require little to no grooming. While
exercise can help with confidence, Tans do
not need to be “trained” for shows. Their
willingness to move and show off is innate.

Tans are relatively easy to raise. Their litters
are of a moderate size (usually 4-6) and they
do not produce “mismarked” offspring. With
very few exceptions, most Tans in a litter will
be able to be shown at an ARBA

As competitions such as rabbit agility and
rabbit hopping become more common,
participants are always on the look out for
breeds that suit those hobbies well. Their
long limb, intelligence and attitude make the
Tan a great choice for training.

Tans are also fantastic pets for those who
understand they are not a “cuddly” breed of
rabbit. Owners have been known to
introduce Tans to not only other rabbits, but
other animals as well (please, only do so with
We raise all four colors
~Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac~