goodwin family farms


Delight, Arkansas


Let's band together and help out a fellow bunny friend. She has always given 110% back to the rabbit community and I know for a fact has helped out numerous people when they needed help. Now it's her turn to get some help.

Most of this last month she has been in the hospital, through 3 surgeries, 6 days in ICU, endless hours of poking and testing and pain. She had just started a new job - loving it, loving life, doing her rescue thing, and helping everyone she could when this struck her down out of the blue. She currently has a wound vac in her abdomen, so the recovery is by no means over. Yet the rescue work must go on, animals must still be fed, so much work to do around the place and all falling on a young teen and her poor husband trying to squeeze it all in between work full time, visiting her at the hospital, and taking care of their farm. Her set of bills will be astronomical and she doesn't know yet when she will be able to go back to work!


Find the auction on FB @ Help the Helper - Noelle


Go Fund me page link is here