Our goal is for the farm to be a year-round program. Youth will have  hands-on, farm-based
education in an outdoor classroom on how to care for livestock, and the process of growing and
preserving crops.
They will also learn skill sets that are needed to properly care for a successful farm (ex: welding).
We will be working closely with other programs like FFA and 4-H.
Another part of the farm does livestock rescues and rehabs.

There are so many youth of today that don't know the first thing about farming and the importance of

Scholarships will be alloted to youth that are from lower income families and special needs
children. They will help children purchase livestock to raise and show through their FFA/4-H

It's important for us to raise awareness on how raising livestock helps youth of today become
responsible and productive adults.

We will offer after school programs for youth and the farm will be open for school/homeschool
groups. The farm is a positive sensory friendly farm experience for special needs children.  During
the summer the farm will offer day camps focusing on different aspects of the farm. Through out the
year, we will be offering workshops/classes with guest speakers on particular skills. (EX: shearing
sheep - processing wool)

Youth that are interested may also take part in Community Farmer's Market and take pride in
knowing that they took part in growing food and learn how to market it.

The goal of the program is to educate youth on farming while connecting with the community.
Overall mission: to give the youth the tools to be confident, strong, responsible, and productive

We want to keep youth out of trouble and off the streets. We want to give them something that they
can be proud of and be educated about life.

1. Purchase more property for program to be housed at.

2. Barns and Green houses will be built and youth will also be involved on the "ground floor". This
will be a place that they can be proud of.

3. Farmers’ Market Booth Supplies to be used as a part of the youth program. The youth will design
the market stand as well as advertising materials associated with the selling vegetables at the
market stands.

4. Foundation Stock/ Seeds will be purchased for the youth to start their programs. They will also be
able to take part in rehabbing rescue livestock.

The farm will provide nourishment in more ways than just by bringing food to the table: it will provide
the only product that enhances and invests in the community, empowers young leaders, reduces
blight, actively reduces carbon emissions, and equip our youth to be the leaders of the new

The farm will be run by a couple that will work closely with FFA/4-H advisors along with other voices
in the community. They are very knowledge in the farming industry and have connections all over
with specialist of a variety of different fields.

All funds will go into making the farm a successful place for the youth to turn to and learn from. We
are adamant about educating our youth. The youth are our future and it's our job to educate them
and give them all the tools they need to be successful.

Once everything is off the ground and running then a website will be created so that everyone
involved may continue to follow the farms success and see that your hard earned money is being
used to educate our youth and they are being successful due to your thoughtfulness.

Thank you for everything and God bless! We will be more than happy to answer any questions you
may have. Every little bit helps and is welcomed. If you are interested in donating supplies then you
may also contact me for a list.