Pickled Quail Eggs

Well I made my first attempt at pickling quail eggs a couple of months ago and we finally decided to open a jar and check them out.

The overall vote at 100% was they were delicious! They were on the sweet side so next time I will add in a jalapeno. I had never even tried any pickled eggs in the past and for sure never canned them, so I was very happy with outcome. We had to do something with all the extra quail eggs that we have around here.

What is your experience with pickled quail eggs?

2 thoughts on “Pickled Quail Eggs

  1. You are so amazing:) I have not tinrkeed in the kitchen, but, because of you…and your beautiful inspiration, I tried needlefelting for the first time!! I really enjoyed it..Made a tiny gnome and a mushroom..Adds a touch of Spring to my table:) Thank you Lisa!!

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